Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors - Smartphone App

Download 'Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors' and let him share with you his 'Keep It Simple' tennis philosophy, Coaching from the best! Download from the ...

Slice Serve

All-time great Jimmy Connors demonstrates a wicked slice serve. To see more Connors instructional videos, download his iPhone app: ...

Tennis Solo App Review for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Presenting the sequel of our hit PingPongSolo for tennis lovers. It's easier than ever to transform your iPhone into a tennis racket and tame your beloved, fluffy, ...

iOS App Review - Stickman Tennis

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Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy App Review

Reviewed by: This video covers Rafael Nadal's tennis training app for iPhone. Download: ...

Live Score Tennis App in 13 sec

Tennis Agility Lite Walkthrough

Callan Louis Common App Tennis Video

Strokes and point play.

Tennis TrumpsWTA-Edition. Intel AppStore